LAN cables for data communication must be reliable and safe. PCNET work with FORCE Technology to have their cables tested according to the EC VERIFIED programme and the EU’s CPR requirements.

With the constantly growing amounts of data to be transmitted, an efficient and reliable data network is of utmost importance.

In the office environments, LAN (Local Area Network) cables, which connect computers, servers, network switches, routers, and other devices, constitute an essential part of the IT infrastructure.

Since these cables often run through big parts of the office buildings, through walls, and from floor to floor, they can have a significant contribution to the spread of fire. This makes quality and performance as well as safety of the cables vital.

Collaborating to meet international standards

PCNET Wire & Cable Co., Ltd. was founded in 1985 in Taiwan. Dr. Fred Fan, Managing Director of PCNET, explains that with more than 35 years of experience, PCNET is a pioneer in development, design, manufacturing, and distribution of cables.

Communication cables became PCNET’s major product in the 90’s, providing a complete range of LAN cable products to their customers all over the world. Being a professional OEM/ODM manufacturer, quality and safety are the company’s main priorities.

Ever since PCNET was founded, the company has used FORCE Technology (formerly DELTA) to ensure their cables meet international standards before they are delivered to customers.

FORCE Technology is the most authoritative and reliable testing entity in the cable industry up to this day. Dr. Fred Fan / PCNET

For PCNET, FORCE Technology does not only provide testing and certification services but is also considered a partner that can provide information on the latest development of networking technologies and the market in general.

EC VERIFIED – a recognised quality stamp

Standards and regulations support the free movement of products within the EU and help eliminate substandard products in the market. EC VERIFIED is the name of FORCE Technology’s certification programme for cabling and cabling components used in local area networks.

“As the most recognised certification programme in Europe, it is convenient for PCNET to introduce our products as EC VERIFIED to our European customers,” Mr. Will Huang, PCNET’s Quality Control Manager explains.

The EC VERIFIED certification guarantees that the products have been tested to the applicable international standards by experienced engineers and technicians, and using advanced laboratory testing equipment at FORCE Technology. The programme further includes regular inspections of the manufacturer’s production facilities.

CPR programme – special requirements for installed cables

Electrical cables that are part of the fixed installation in buildings present a potential safety hazard, e.g. due to their possible contribution to spread of fire and generation of smoke. Therefore, they are subject to special requirements as specified in the EU’s Construction Products Regulation (CPR), in particular the requirements related to “safety in case of fire”.

FORCE Technology is a certified body under the CPR for assessment of reaction to fire performance of cables.

“With the assistance of FORCE Technology, PCNET became one of the earliest certified manufacturers, and helped our customers to promote their CPR-compliant products with certificates”, Dr. Fred Fan says.

Certification and standards give peace of mind

Cables may not be the centre of attention in an IT setup and are easily taken for granted. However, if the cables do not work, nothing works.

EC VERIFIED and CPR help ensure a safe and reliable cabling installation.