FORCE Technology has helped to map out noise and vibrations from the future Ringsted-Femern Railway.

Mapping of traffic noise and vibrations

Planning for the construction of a railway from Ringsted to the upcoming Femern link to Germany began in 2010.

Noise and vibration studies for this purpose were offered as part of a special consultancy package, which included noise and vibration mapping for an environmental impact assessment.

The actual facility to be expanded is the current stretch from Ringsted to the future cross-coastal link in Rødby.

Analysis of traffic noise and development of noise-reducing solutions

The same job also involved work with parts of the Øresund Bridge's Danish land facilities, which are significant for traffic flow at the Femern fixed link.

This job was awarded to FORCE Technology and Rambøll Denmark as a collaborative project in which FORCE Technology was responsible for the following tasks, among others:

  • Creation and processing of traffic data for use in noise and vibration calculations.
  • Establishment of prerequisites and calculation parameters, such as velocity models near stations and source data for various future types of trains.
  • Creation of a method for calculating vibration in residences along the stretch.
  • Verification of a vibration calculation model and source strength measurements.
  • Investigation into possible vibration isolation measures.
  • Development of a comprehensive report including foundation and prerequisites.
  • Vibration calculations for neighbouring homes along the stretch.

FORCE Technology has also helped Banedanmark [a major Danish railway company] to develop the tender that will serve as a foundation for noise isolation work in neighbouring homes along this stretch. Customer: Banedanmark (collaboration with Rambøll Denmark).

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