For many years, Instrumatic A / S has developed and sold equipment for measuring emissions from power plants, among other things.  The company wanted to expand this business to include measurement of emissions from ships but lacked a technical certification.

It was a natural development for Instrumatic to go into the maritime sector, given Instrumatic's long-standing experience with equipment for continuous measurement of emissions. "We have developed this equipment for measuring SO2 and CO2 ourselves, and it has now been thoroughly tested and put through its paces," says Carsten Hansen, technical manager at Instrumatic A / S.

However, to be able to provide equipment for maritime use, it needed approval from a certification company. "We needed to have several different tests performed in order to get our equipment certified", he continues. “For example, we needed proof that the equipment could withstand the different operating environments onboard a ship, so we needed, among other things, to test the equipment with different levels of temperature, vibration, EMC and noise ”.

In addition, it was important to confirm that the measurement system complies with IMO (International Maritime Organization) requirements for measurement of flue gas from ship engines. “When ships are using heavy fuel oil as fuel, they are required to clean the flue gas before it is discharged into the environment. This is done by a scrubber that cleans the gas, and our emission measurement equipment can then document the degree of purification”, explains Carsten Hansen.

“FORCE Technology advised us on how to perform the emission test, and they did a setup in the laboratory where the equipment was tested according to IMO requirements. With the report from FORCE, we were able to get the approval from the certification company”, says Carsten Hansen.

"It was definitely an advantage for us to be able to get all the tests done in Denmark, instead of having to go to another country" concludes Carsten Hansen.

Instrumatic avoided having to go abroad to have the tests done, which could secure them the technical certification of their emission measurement equipment.  
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