The company of Københavns Ejendomme wishes to prevent their public swimming pools from deteriorating by knowing the general condition of their pools. FORCE Technology’s provides expert-knowledge.

Københavns Ejendomme has experienced many small breakdowns in their numerous swimming pools, and the company wishes to get an overview of the general condition of the pools to avoid that a pool will suddenly fail completely. FORCE Technology checks the efficiency of the cathodic protection system, which protects the reinforcement of a public swimming pool against corrosion.

Overview provides comfort/assurance

FORCE Technology has previously checked the cathodic protection systems for Københavns Ejendomme and it then turned out that more than 50 % of the systems lacked sufficient protection on the reinforcement, or it did not work at all. “We needed clarification of the back-log on our systems. Such clarification has previously been played down, as it is a niche without much focus” says Flemming Meilby Pedersen, building contractor with Københavns Ejendomme.


Specialised building inspection

“We needed a person who could screen public swimming pools and who also had the ability to assess the condition of a system, i.e. condition assessed in such a way that we would know whether a system required immediate action or whether it could wait and be part of our long-term planning”, he continues. “We were well aware that FORCE Technology holds exactly that capacity, and that cathodic protection is well within your core expertise.

But your specialist also keeps an eye on other tasks to be performed. We requested a specialist building assessment on our public swimming pools and we have now been supplied with results, to be forwarded to the decision-makers, and it is now evident what it takes to prevent a system from breaking down, injuring the staff and users of the pools” concludes Flemming Meilby Pedersen.