The Port of Vordingborg has made a DKK-million investment towards becoming a regional port focusing on national and international shipping.

Tripling the turnover

According to Jan-Jaap Cramer, harbour master and maritime developer at Port of Vordingborg, an expansion is crucial to their business plan. “We will expand to a capacity of 1 m ton freight per year, and potentially triple our turnover” he says.

The expansion will lead to growth, freight traffic generation to Vordingborg as well as create new jobs.

Market development

The expansion project derives from the positive development in the international agricultural market as well as a demand amongst the customers of Port of Vordingborg. Jan-Jaap Cramer explains that the increased size of the freight ships creates a need for more storage capacity for goods.

The larger ships and longer freight routs impact the future ports and the competition. The ports have to meet demands like larger port areas, improved loading facilities or increased storage capacity.

Quality control is important

When it comes to port expansions of this calibre, Jan-Jaap emphasises that safety and quality assurance in the design is important. To ensure safe conditions for the ships calling the port, Port of Vordingborg contacted us to evaluate and verify the layout of the new port and approach channel. In order to evaluate a port layout, it is necessary to assess the current, wind and waves in relation to the sailing depth, ship type and navigation possibilities. 

Our simulators allow us to test all elements. We also invited Pilots from DanPilot and Loodswezen to test the quality of the port design.

The results

The test proved that the water depth inside the channel and port needed to be altered. This means that Port of Vordingborg Havn are able to construct the port optimally from the beginning. ”FORCE Technology’s simulations have enabled us to carry out this large and complex port expansion. I definitely recommend simulations studies – they are very important”, says Jan-Jaap Cramer contently.
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Photo: Port of Vordingborg