Centre for Advanced Sensor Technologies helps knowledge institutions succeed with tech ventures

CAST supports the use of sensor technologies. They can increase the rate at which you as a university or knowledge institution initiate and launch sensor tech ventures – alone or with partners.

Increase your knowledge institution's chance of success

CAST's purpose is to increase the R&D and innovation success rate in the field of sensor technology. To do this, academia and the industry need to collaborate. For universities, CAST can help bridge the gap to the industry and act as the central, cross-sector hub that engages, guides and services all relevant stakeholders.

Get help to identify potential stakeholders in the sensor industry

You can increase the chance of finding investors and collaborators within the sensor field and use CAST to assist with validating and testing sensor prototypes.

Use CAST as a partner in sensor tech funding applications

CAST can act as a research and technology organisation partner in funding applications, for instance, when you as a university, researcher or knowledge institution apply for innovation or EU funding. 

This can help you find new markets for your sensor technology and is a way to access CAST's extensive network of sensor-based companies. Partnering with CAST on applications or projects is a step towards forming an advisory board with tech entrepreneurs and sensor specialists.

CAST Discovery Panel accelerates application of sensor technology

CAST developed the CAST Discovery Panel focus group methodology to help evaluate hardware technologies close to market deployment. You can use the CAST Discovery panel to meet relevant industry stakeholders and accelerate your sensor tech solution's R&D-based industrial and commercial applications.

Customised Advisory Boards for inventors provide the insights you lack

You can get access to expert advice and expand your network in the sensor technology field by creating a customised advisory board. The board can provide expertise or insights into tech areas that you lack internally in your organisation. This contributes to help make the right decisions.

Get in touch to find out how CAST can help your knowledge institution strengthen research, development and use of sensor technologies.