CAST for companies

Let the Centre for Advanced Sensor Technologies help your SME, spin-out or start-up with a wide variety of tasks.

The Centre for Advanced Sensor Technologies can help you as a company: 

  • Accelerate time-to-market
  • Promote your sensor-based products and their values to your specific target groups
  • Increase the chance for finding investors and/or collaborators within the sensor field
  • Assist in further validation and proof-of-concept of sensor prototypes 
  • Protect the intellectual property rights of your sensor technologies 
  • Create new services for the sensor market
  • Find new markets
  • Access FORCE Technology’s large network of sensor-based companies
  • Form an advisory board with entrepreneur and sensor specialists.

CAST Discovery Panel

The CAST Discovery Panel gives you access to expert market knowhow. 

This allows you to accelerate R&D-based industrial and commercial application.  

CAST Advisory Board – for start-ups

Creating a customised advisory board gives you access to expert advice and expands your network in the sensor technology field.

Your CAST Advisory Board can deliver expert contacts or insight in sensor technology areas that might be lacking internally. The board can also help you make the right decisions, based on existing experience and knowledge.