In recent years, significant efforts have been directed toward maintaining and further developing the EU's strong position in the field of photonics.

The establishment of the Centre of applied photonics secures Denmark's role in these European efforts.


There is significant untapped potential for growth in the commercialisation of photonics-based technology. As one of the most important foundational technologies for the products of the future, the EU has turned its attention towards photonics.

The purpose of this project is to establish an innovation hub for photonics, giving Danish businesses access to Danish and European expertise in photonics. In doing so, we will make Danish businesses more competitive and better able to tap into the potential for growth that lies in using the latest photonics technologies.

Areas of focus for the Centre of applied photonics will include:

  • Forming partnerships with relevant businesses, research institutions, and other partners in the industry
  • Discovering relevant research outcomes and their practical applications for our target group
  • Conducting feasibility projects to document the applications of photonics-based technology in industrial contexts
  • Building key expertise and tool sets to provide the consultancy services and exchanges of ideas demanded by industry actors
  • Building a technology platform and web portal to grant businesses access to the latest photonics technology in terms of hardware, software, and knowledge
  • Forming a networking group for Danish businesses and researchers, focusing on development, experience sharing, and idea exchange within photonics.

Target groups

The Centre of applied photonics primarily targets strategic Danish industry actors within the fields of health and medical equipment, food products, transportation, and manufacturing.

We estimate that the target group consists of about 300 businesses, of which about 80% are small- and medium-sized businesses. There is also a significant number of businesses using applications and products where the field of photonics has a wide range of possible applications.


The Centre of applied photonics is a collaboration between FORCE Technology, Delta – a part of FORCE Technology, universities, and a number of private businesses.

Below is an overview of the main and associate partners. If you want to learn more about the partners or the centre, please visit the official page for CAF.

Main partners

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Associate partners

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