What we want to achieve with the project

The Centre of Applied Photonics is a cooperation between FORCE Technology, DELTA – a part of FORCE Technology, Universities and private companies in Denmark.

The purpose of CAP

The purpose with CAP is to build a bridge between research at Danish and foreign knowledge institutions and Danish companies.

According to EU, photonics is one of the most important basic technologies in our future products. The center will ensure Danish participation in EU’s network initiatives within photonics.

Photonics can help solve several social challenges, such as medical diagnostics, food safety, self-driving cars, environmental pollution and energy efficiency.

The purpose of the CAP project is to define and include companies which can achieve growth optimization by using photonics. The target group will be around 300 companies.

Target groups of CAP

The target group for photonics is companies within health and medico, food, transportation and production. In 2030, we expect that photonics will solve the following needs:

  • Health and medico: Fast and safe diagnosis and treatment.
  • Food: Quality and safety of soil, drinking water and food through optical detection of quality.
  • Transportation and production: Safe and efficient transport with self propelled or semiautomatic vehicles.
  • Environment: Handling of materials, optimization of energy consumption and industrial processes, monitoring of pollution.
  • Production, IoT: Smart, digitized production based on the use of e.g. lasers, 3D printing and machine vision.

CAP will make the newest knowledge available through services, feasibility studies and generic demonstration projects.