There are several characteristics and technical applications of LED. Get assistance and advice to optimally leverage the use of LED technology when developing new products.

LED as an energy-efficient source of light

The development of LED is now driven towards increased energy efficiency, so that traditional, inefficient and polluting light sources can be phased out.

This development provides for the possibility of industrial use of LED, among others, sensors, instruments, for hardening, sterilisation, data communication – the is very long.
In addition, LED can be modulated, often very quickly, which offers opportunities for developing very robust and energy-efficient systems.

The LED Toolbox for product and system development

The LED Toolbox offers technical support when you develop new products and systems. Here, progress speed and reduction of risk are key parameters.

You can get assistance on:

  • Proposals for system-building
  • Choice of LED Light source
  • Proposal for the LED control circuit
  • Optics and filtering
  • Choice of detector and processing of signals
  • Review of existing designs
  • Professional sparring and skill upgrading.

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