Low-power, low-cost optical chips for applications requiring image sensing capabilities, colour, light and distance measurement, and motion control.

FORCE Technology cooperates with Presto Engineering about low-power, low-cost optical chips for various sensor applications.

Over the years, the Presto Engineering has developed image sensor chips and ICs for various sensor applications, providing low-power consumption, high sensitivity and fast image updates. The smart, single-chip optical systems have been integrated across a range of industrial environments such as IoT, motion and luminance detection, object tracking and data communication via RF links.

Benromach - a highlighy integrated System-On-Chip for vision application

A Benromach is a low power and low-resolution vision chip. A vision chip is very similar to a CMOS imaging chip, which is the main component of any camera.

A CMOS imagers task is essentially to convert photons hitting the pixel area into electrons. These electrons form a charge, which is converted by a capacitor to a voltage. This voltage is then being amplified and digitized, resulting in a digital grey value.

In a camera, the digital grey value is displayed on a screen to form an image for the human observer to see. In contrast to a traditional camera, the purpose of a vision chip is to gain a high-level understanding of the image.

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FAQ about the Benromach vision chip