Get access to facilities that can support your product development in photonics, light, and optics for applications including sensors, light sources, lighting products, and retroreflective materials.

The EU has named photonics a Key Enabling Technology, and it is one of the most important foundational technologies for the products of the future. Access to photonics technology facilitates disruptive innovation—a prerequisite for digitalisation and innovation in Denmark, given that photonics technology supports the development of devices like new optical sensors, which can be integrated into products and manufacturing systems.

Photonics can help in solving numerous societal challenges in fields like medical diagnostics, food safety, self-driving cars, environmental pollution, and energy efficiency.

Accredited testing for quality verification

When you develop new products, you need verification that they adhere to applicable rules and standards in their area. You can have your products tested at our laboratories, which feature an extensive portfolio of equipment for characterising, testing, and troubleshooting photonics products.

Tests and studies can reduce development schedule and help to identify and mitigate risks. At our testing facilities, you can have prototypes built and tested, and we can suggest various possible solutions for you to move forward.

The technical lighting measurements available to you include:

  • Radiometric and photometric measurements of light sources
  • Goniophotometric measurements of light sources
  • Radiometric measurements of UV light sources
  • Spectral transmittance and reflectance measurements
  • Colourimetric measurements of light sources and surfaces
  • Imaging luminance and colour measurements
  • Gloss measurements at 20/60/85 degrees
  • Haze, DOI/RIQ.

You can get help with the following tasks:

  • Safety evaluations of photonics products with powerful light sources
  • Evaluations of light sources per the EU's Eco-design regulation
  • Determination of flicker and stroboscopic effects in LED light sources
  • Evaluation of colour and light distribution requirements for specialised light sources in the maritime industry
  • Evaluation of emergency lighting.

Our laboratories are home to an extensive portfolio of equipment for characterising, testing, and troubleshooting photonics products:

  • Goniophotometer (Type A)
  • Goniospectroradiometer (Type C)
  • VIS telespectroradiometer
  • UV, VIS, and NIR spectroradiometer
  • Fluorescence spectrometer
  • Colour and luminance camera
  • Lux, UV-A, and UV-C meter
  • Luminance meter
  • Integrating spheres for UV and VIS measurements.

We also have the following calibration reference lamps available:

  • Halogen-tungsten spectral reference lamp (350 – 1050 nm)
  • Xe spectral reference lamp (200 – 800 nm)
  • Deuterium reference lamp (200 – 400 nm)
  • Halogen-tungsten 2PI spectral flux reference lamp (350 – 1050 nm).

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