Monitor the performance of road markings and traffic signs with retroreflectometer instruments to ensure road traffic safety – and improve the safety of road traffic.

Road markings are essential for road safety

Proper performing road markings and traffic signs are important aids to ensure safe traffic flow, thus minimising the number of traffic accidents and fatalities on roads worldwide. Especially at nighttime and during wet and rainy conditions, when the visibility is reduced, road markings and signs are important guidance for drivers to stay safely on the road avoiding accidents.

Ensure road markings perform properly

Road markings are not merely a cost for the road owner. Well-functioning road markings and signs can keep the number of road accidents at a minimum. 

A retroreflectometer allows you to monitor the performance of road markings. By knowing the condition of road markings and signs, road owners can make sensible decisions related to road maintenance and optimise their maintenance budgets.

Dedicated to road traffic safety worldwide

DELTA RoadSensors (a part of FORCE Technology) develops and provides highly reliable retroreflectometers used for measuring retroreflection of:

  • pavement markings
  • traffic signs
  • numberplates
  • high visibility material. 

Our retroreflectometers are used worldwide to ensure that road markings and traffic signs on roads and in airports perform according to international standards and that they can guide traffic safely (day and night), thus reducing the number of traffic accidents and injuries.

RoadSensors’ retroreflectometers are used by:

  • road and airport authorities
  • test institutes
  • contractors
  • paint manufacturers
  • sign manufacturers
  • service providers.

Products built on new technology and standards

For decades we have used our profound knowledge of hi-tech optical and sensor technology combined with a thorough understanding of international standards to build world-class retroreflection instruments.

The RoadSensors' retroreflectometers:

  • are built on the latest optical and sensor technology
  • comply with recognised international standards (e.g. European EN and US ASTM)
  • are certified with respect to user safety and EMC emission. 

Our instruments are the de-facto industry standard ensuring optimum driving conditions, reducing accidents, and saving lives.

DANAK accredited calibration

The instrument calibration normals are calibrated in RoadSensor’s DANAK accredited calibration laboratory in Denmark. The laboratory meets ISO/IEC 17025:2005 ensuring traceability to international calibration bodies such as PTB (Physikalish-Technische Bundesanstalt, Germany) and NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology, USA).

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As a global leader in the supply of retroreflectometers and the preferred choice of road maintenance professionals, we invite you to explore our range of instruments, tap into our knowledge or use our customer service provided directly from DELTA RoadSensors or via one of our 40 distribution partners around the world.