Help for all development phases for optical systems and photonic products.

Optical First Aid for photonic products

The development and production of photonic products inevitably encounter problems during the process. We can assist you in identifying the cause and preparing suggestions for solutions.

Find consultancy, help and professional sparring to solve specific challenges with your product, or we can examine your product with the our vast portfolio of equipment for characterisation, testing and debugging of photonic products.

The Photonics department at FORCE Technology has a long and extensive experience in developing photonic products complemented by a broad portfolio of equipment for characterisation, testing and debugging.

Optical Start- up assistance with photonic content

Our extensive and long experience can facilitate the start of new developments with photonic content.

We can help assess and identify solutions, identify and minimise risks, and - if necessary - offer targeted upgrades of skills.

Optical Starter Help is an excellent tool to:

  • Get a professional overview
  • Identify and reduce risks
  • Reduce development time, including adding resources from CAF
  • Identify skills needs

In development phases, it is essential that you, as a manufacturer, focus on the importance of good initial design. This applies to both product development and demonstrators to 'proof of concept'. The initial design is also relevant if you are preparing research applications and when conducting the research subsequently.

Contact us when you want to start developing your photonic products and systems or learn more about photonics and light.


Selected cases

Danfoss drivers light for display

Danfoss Drives A/S: Optical fibre for display

Using a unit operated by hand, Danfoss wanted to illuminate three status fields evenly. The challenge was in the compact design.

FORCE Technology designed and optimized a spray-moulded acrylic optical fibre adapted to the LED used. The optimisation was performed with 5 million rays on a 3D CAD model of the optical fibre. The result was a significantly improved output from the status field.

Fairwood innovation case

Fairwood Innovation/Amfitech A/S. BlindSpot Illuminator

BlindSpot illuminator, developed by the Danish company Amfitech ApS for Fairwood Innovation, is a solution to prevent right-turn accidents where larger vehicles are involved.

BlindSpot uses a very powerful LED light. The system is automatically activated when the truck's or bus's turn indicator lights are activated. The system illuminates an area on the road to the right of the driver’s cab and shows bicyclists and pedestrians the area where the driver cannot see them. The system is equipped with sensors that measure ambient light, and the brightness of the LED is automatically adjusted.

FORCE Technology has simulated the BlindSpot illuminator system to ensure that people who accidentally look into the light do not hurt their eyes and that the system meets international requirements for eye safety.