Join the network and keep up with the latest application of photonics and industry developments. Get insight into associated technologies, standards, and testing methods.

The Photonics Club aims to develop your knowledge of topics in the field of photonics.

Optical and photonic components are already the basic technologies in a variety of products and applications today. In the future, they will play an even greater role in sensor technologies, inspection methods, transmission systems, and electronics manufacturing.

As a member of the Photonics Club, you will build a professional network that can help you face challenges in the field, and you will get the opportunity to participate in network meetings and workshops on topics in photonics. Membership is a good investment for both you and your business. 

A professional network

Members of the network meet at workshops and network meetings four to six times every year at FORCE Technology's Hørsholm location, or at other members' facilities. These events bring together colleagues from businesses in the industry and educational institutions in Denmark for a professional back-and-forth and an exchange of experience that benefits everyone. Naturally, the network's members have a say in the topics and contents of the meetings.

Club members also gain access to a knowledge base of industry-related content, plus insight into the development and application of the latest photonics technology, new standards, and new testing methods.

The ground is prepared for discussion of the following topics at the coming network meetings:

  • Light Sources and Illumination Systems
  • Integrated Optics — Compact Sensors and Systems
  • Machine Vision and Imaging — Monitoring and Process Control in Production
  • Optical Spectroscopy — Biomedical, Food and Pharmaceutical Applications
  • Fibre-Optical Sensors
  • Lasers and Applications in Life Science.

Workshops, which are intended for broader audiences and more practical in nature, will cover the following topics:

  • Intellectual Property Rights
  • Optics and System Design.

Non-members may participate in workshops for a fee.  

Joining the Photonics Club

This club is for everyone whose work involves light and optics in product development, process monitoring, or quality control in such industries as electronics, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, or food. 

A business membership allows up to two people to participate in each network meeting and workshop.

Not including VAT, annual fees are as follows:

  • Membership: 6,000 DKK per year 
  • Fee for more than two event participants: 1,250 DKK per participant, per event.

Non-members wishing to attend a Photonics Club workshop must pay 1,500 DKK per participant, per workshop.