Use SenseLabOnlineTM to design and conduct recognised and standard-compliant listening tests in a fast, reliable, easy-to-use and time-saving way.

Web tool enables professional and efficient audio evaluation tests

The SenseLabOnlineTM web application includes solutions ranging from standard-compliant ITU-R test methods like MUSHRA to advanced, fully synchronised 4k audio/visual testing using VR headsets and multichannel loudspeaker reproduction. Available listening tests include double-blind experimentation, automatic or custom randomisation of stimuli, precise playback, optimised user interfaces, easy handling of assessors, setup of test sequences, and automatic statistical analysis of test data and assessor performance.

Use SenseLabOnlineTM  for product development

Companies in the telecommunications, audio coding, headphones and loudspeakers and hearing aid industries often use SenseLab's web application as a tool to develop and refine products. 

Easily connect and distribute tests

The application runs in a browser using either WebAudio (the newest web-based audio interface, which has been tested extensively to ensure high-quality audio reproduction) or via the proprietary advanced sound player with full hardware control over ASIO drivers. Once you have registered as a user of SenseLabOnlineTM, you can sign in and build a range of standard-compliant and custom listening tests.

Because the system is built to run in an HTML5 compatible browser, you can distribute a listening test across physical locations, pending internet connectivity). All data transformation is done in Secure Socket Layer (SSL), and the application is approved with industry-standard code signing certificates. 

Gateway to diverse listening tests and templates

SenseLabOnlineTM is a one-stop shop with templates for attribute tests, preference tests, discrimination tests, suitability tests and other test types. Among the templates is a selection of commonly used ITU-compliant listening test methods, including:

  • ITU-R BS.1116-3
  • ITU-R BS.1534-3 (MUSHRA)
  • ITU-T P.835
  • Triangle test (ISO 4120)
  • Pairwise comparison (ISO 5495)
  • ABX/Duo-trio test (ISO 10399)
  • Multiple Stimulus Comparison Rating
  • Adapted sensory evaluation methodologies (attribute testing)
  • Ideal Profile Method (IPM)
  • Annoyance and suitability test 

A SenseLabOnlineTM standard solution for your every need:

The application is available in different versions depending on your needs.

Solutions  SenseLab server (DK)   SenseLab Server (Regional)   Own server    Single Lab PC
Admins[1]  4    4    8    2
Internet  X    X        X
Intranet         X    
E-mail capability  X    X   X    
Playback compensation  X    X   X   X
Audio-Visual testing             X
Multi-channel / Real-device support  1-2 ch.[2]    1-2 ch.[2]    1-2 ch.[2]   X
iPad control             X
Template packages[3]  Audio   Audio   Audio   Audio + Video
Open URL X   X    Intranet   X
Improved data privacy          X    X
Training X   X   X   X
Support X    X     X     X 
Rapid speaker spinner support             Included with spinners
Annual license fee  8.600€     10.300€ [4]    15.000€    9.100€

[1] Additional price per extra administrator account: 850€ per extra admin, including training.
[2] Potential for test configurations with more channels (limited by WebAudio)
[3] All templates released for customers and supported by the solution will be available and new templates added free of charge when available. Special templates may be ordered based on ad-hoc pricing.
[4] Price may vary depending on country.

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