SenseLab helps you align your in-house audio quality standards with consumer expectations with the help of independent ITU sound quality tests and trained listener panels.

See how you rank against competitors

As an independent lab, SenseLab delivers precise, data-driven insights, providing unbiased, independent validation for your product's performance compared to competitors. Our insights guide your product development and serve as independent verification in marketing communications.

Trained listener panels are essential to independent sound quality evaluation 

Our trained expert listener panels and recruited consumer groups uncover the perceptual drivers behind preferences. They include highly skilled ISO 8586-2-categorised expert assessors and people with different hearing abilities. The listener panels are SenseLabs sound quality measuring tools and provide you with reliable data that goes beyond physical measurements. 

Do you want to learn more about customised ITU listening tests? 

  • People are the best listening tools
  • Trained experts and consumers test your products
  • SenseLab listener panels ensure optimal sound quality evaluation