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We offer world class services catered to the subsea environment - from cathodic protection to monitoring as well as inspection. Our broad field of knowledge and operational experience allows us to manage the entire subsea field and estimate life expectancy.


Subsea integrity management

We offer subsea integrity management through a multidisciplinary approach, with experts within a wide range of areas.

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FORCENSE Wellhead monitoring


Using state of the art sensors, direct and indirect measurements with FORCENSE technology, we have provided customers with real time monitoring data from subsea wellheads for more than a decade.

Collaboration with BAC Corrosion Control


FORCE Technology Norway & BAC Corrosion Control rationalise retrofit and life extension of cathodic protection systems.

Fast answers to shaky questions


How do you get to know the integrity of the grouted connections between piles and sleeves on installed offshore jackets? This has been a recurring question during the past years. Access and methods to inspect the grouted connections is not a trivial ordeal.

Non-contact CP with FiGS®


FORCE Technology Field Gradient Sensor, FiGS®, is a unique inspection tool that detects electric currents in seawater by measuring electric field gradients (FG).

Complete control of subsea assets


We provides an integrated Cathodic Protection (CP) approach at a field level, enabling enhanced control of subsea integrity.

Accurate CP surveys with AUV now possible with FiGS technology


Subsea vehicles are shifting towards automation, with longer, and faster subsea surveys, avoiding heavy vessels and equipment required in an intervention with standard ROVs.

8 facts about cathodic protection of stainless steels


We've gathered some interesting facts about the cathodic protection of stainless steels.

Improving the baseline survey of wellheads


How can a FiGS® survey improve decision making concerning the cathodic protection (CP) on subsea wellheads, while reducing cost and maintaining safe operation at the same time? Read more to find out…

FORCE Technology wins global corrosion award


FORCE Technology has been awarded the 2017 MP Corrosion Innovation of the Year Award for its new and innovative sensor, FiGS®. The award was presented during CORROSION 2017 in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Addressing the annulus of the flexible riser – control and predictions though data


Morten Strengelsrud, our Head of department for riser integrity has been working with monitoring of flexibles risers since 2012 – more specifically, he has been working with a vent gas monitoring (VGM) system.

Accurate life extension of buried pipelines - without excavation


Discover how new technology allows you to predict remaining service life, and accurately evaluate the condition of subsea pipelines - buried, rocked dumped or exposed.

Smarter customised subsea inspection


An interview with Espen Elvheim, Business area manager within Advanced inspection, reveals his success criteria within subsea inspection.

Cost effective life extension of offshore jacket structures – from a CP perspective


Innovative FiGS® CP survey technology generates large costs savings in offshore jacket life extension, with high accuracy.

Why considering the installation phase is important in offshore wind turbine design


Whether the wind turbine is planned positioned onshore, at-shore or offshore, the structural design must be based on environmental conditions, expected design life and inspection philosophy.

Structural monitoring of offshore wind foundations - a best practice


Pål Tuset, our Head of Department for Structural Monitoring, tells us why we should monitor offshore wind structures and provides a few best practice approaches as to how one optimally should go about.

Offshore Wind Farm Inspection


Using our state-of-the-art field gradient sensor, FiGS, we have successfully launched several subsea inspection missions, including the Baltic 2 offshore wind farm in the Baltic Sea.