FORCE Technology's FiGS® system revolutionizes cathodic protection, ensuring pipeline safety and longevity in challenging deep waters like offshore Brazil and West Africa.

The depths of the ocean present a world of opportunity and challenges for energy producers. This is especially true in deep-water regions such as the Gulf of Mexico, offshore Brazil, and the west coast of Africa. These areas are rich with oil and gas reserves but also characterized by some of the most demanding environmental conditions on the planet.

As the industry pushes further into ultra-deep waters, the need for reliable and advanced subsea inspection technologies becomes paramount. FORCE Technology, with its innovative FiGS® system, stands at the forefront of this vital sector, ensuring the integrity and longevity of pipelines and subsea infrastructure, at any depths.

Meeting the ultra-deep water challenge

Operating in ultra-deep water, often at depths exceeding 1,500 meters, poses unique challenges that traditional pipeline and subsea asset survey methods simply cannot address. The extreme pressures and inhospitable environment rule out the use of commercial divers even when using saturation systems, necessitating advanced, remotely operated solutions. Which is where FORCE Technology excels.

The Field Gradient Sensor (FiGS®) developed by FORCE Technology is a game-changer in the field of cathodic protection (CP) surveys. Designed to provide a comprehensive assessment of the CP system's effectiveness, FiGS® offers unparalleled accuracy and resolution. This non-contact technology measures the electric field around pipelines and structures, with the ability to detect very small coating defects and allows current output from anodes to be assesed.

Deployed via AUV or ROV, FiGS® enables early identification of potential issues with pipeline CP, allowing for timely action and repair before any external corrosion integrity issues can develop. Further, by eliminating the need for physical contact with the pipeline, there is no requirement to launch an expensive deepwater cleaning operation before the CP survey starts. 

figs   developed for auv and rov
FiGS® - developed for AUV and ROV

Leading through innovation and integrity

At FORCE Technology, our mission is to advance the safety, reliability, and efficiency of subsea operations through cutting-edge technology and unparalleled expertise. We are committed to pushing the boundaries of what is possible. FiGS® represents the pinnacle of our innovative efforts, providing solutions that set new standards in the industry. 

We also believe in doing what works for our customers, not simply choosing the easiest approach. Our technologies are designed to ensure the long-term integrity of our clients' assets, safeguarding both their investments and the environment. And we work closely with our clients to understand their unique challenges and tailor our solutions to meet their specific needs. 

FORCE Technology is not just a service provider; we are dedicated to advancing the field of subsea inspection. Our expertise is sought after worldwide, and our insights help shape industry standards and best practices. By leveraging our knowledge and innovations, we aim to drive the industry forward, ensuring safer and more efficient operations, from the shallow waters of the North Sea to the ultra-deep waters off the coast of West Africa and beyond.