FORCE Technology has in decades been active in the nuclear industry. Today we are one of the largest providers of technical inspection services to the Swedish nuclear power plants.

Nuclear power services

Our range of services to nuclear power plant owners include:

  • Quality Assurance (establishment of control plans, review of drawings, WPS, materials, etc.)
  • Quality Control (verifications vs. control plans)
  • Project management and project assistance
  • System design and detailed engineering
  • Welding Consultancy extensive development of welding procedures/WPQR, WPS's, welder approval, etc.
  • Manufacturing and assembly control. (E and Q)
  • Non-destructive testing in the manufacturing, assembly and repair
  • Advanced non-destructive testing in periodic testing and qualification of new methods
  • General documentation management (system for documentation, control plans, consulting, periodic inspection registration, document control and document review)
  • Validation of safety features

Your partner for NDT products

We offer a broad range of top-quality NDT equipment and accessories designed to support your NDT inspections.

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