On October 1, Tommy Bysted takes over as the new CEO of the RTO FORCE Technology. He comes from a position as Senior Vice President in Kamstrup A/S.

18 June 2024

A new CEO will be at the helm of FORCE Technology from October 1. Tommy Bysted takes over the RTO after a long career with leading positions in Danish technology companies such as FOSS, Radiometer Medical, Teledyne RESON and most recently as technology director at Kamstrup. His combined commercial and technical background will help unlock an even greater potential in FORCE Technology.

"Tommy Bysted comes to FORCE Technology with the right combination of knowledge about our customers and skills, as well as visible results from his work with skilled knowledge workers, creation of a shared culture and change management. These are important skills in the role as CEO of FORCE Technology," explains chairman of the board Jesper Haugaard.

"After the first half of 2024, we stand with one of the best results in the history of the company, which is a good foundation for the continued development of FORCE Technology. We are in the process of a green and digital transformation, that will strengthen Danish businesses in continuing to be the best within pharma, wind energy and Power-to-X."

When Tommy Bysted takes office this autumn, it will be with both ambition and humility.

"FORCE Technology, as the industry's RTO, has supported technological transformations since 1940 and plays an important role in the ability to innovate in Danish business and society. In a world characterised by great technological opportunities, but also challenges, we must continue to be the most skilled in our field with a focus on making our customers technology leaders, competitive and resilient," says Tommy Bysted.

"I am particularly looking forward to working with all the talented employees and managers. The prerequisite for being able to create value for others is to have a healthy organisation with high levels of well-being, professionalism, a strong culture and the ability to deliver results," continues Tommy Bysted.

With more than 7,000 customers annually, FORCE Technology as an RTO helps the majority of Danish industry within risk minimisation and the use of technology, i.a. based on testing, inspection and consultancy. In the past year, the company has increased its turnover, number of customers and research and development efforts - and has a special role in ensuring a green and digital transition within wind energy, Power-to-X, CCUS and life science.

Tommy Bysted
Tommy Bysted, new CEO of FORCE Technology