FORCE Technology has been selected to be the laboratory to test personal protective equipment such as masks, gloves, and hand sanitizers for market surveillance authorities from 23 EU/EEA countries within the framework of a specific project on product safety.

10 February 2021

Starting this week, the participating authorities will start sending PPE face masks, hand cleaners and disinfectants, and PPE single-use gloves for testing at FORCE Technology in Brøndby.

FORCE Technology will carry out a number of tests on these products to identify whether they comply with the existing EU health and safety requirements.

"With the advent of the COVID-19, personal protective equipment has become something we all use, and for citizens it is not always clear whether a piece of protective equipment is safe and effective or not. For that reason, there are fixed standards and procedures in the EU on how independent laboratories - such as FORCE Technology - should test this kind of products," says Henrik Løvbjerg Lindeløv, Head of Product Testing and Chemical Analysis at FORCE Technology.

"We have the right facilities, the most skilled specialists and a long history of delivering credible and fully impartial test results," he says.

Part of the corona solution 

The laboratory tests are part of the CASP Corona 2020 project funded by the EU’s Consumer Programme. A total of 33 different market surveillance authorities from 23 EU/EEA countries will now have the opportunity to send personal protective equipment that are available directly on the European market for testing in Brøndby in the framework of this project.

"We have tested thousands of pieces of personal protective equipment over the years and have expanded our testing capacity during 2020, so we look forward to getting started," says Henrik Løvbjerg Lindeløv.

"We are working towards making Europe and the world safer, which is why we are happy to contribute to it within the framework of the specific challenges brought on by COVID19," he says.

FORCE Technology is EU accredited to perform test of PPE products and FORCE Certification is EU notified body on PPE and can perform the certification of PPE products.