Danish Gas Technology Centre and FORCE Technology have received a grant of DKK 6.8 million from the Green Labs DK programme to establish a test centre for hydrogen technology. The centre will be the first of its kind in Denmark and will help the energy sector with the demanding but necessary transition to hydrogen and Power-to-X.

1 July 2021

Hydrogen is the key to a greener energy sector and to meeting the government’s climate targets. However, switching to hydrogen and Power-to-X requires a technological and technical quantum leap – especially, new, and larger test facilities are needed.

That is why Danish Gas Technology Centre and FORCE Technology are now setting up a Test Centre for Hydrogen Technology, which will help the actors in the energy sector switch to hydrogen.

“Hydrogen puts new and special demands on the energy sector. It is not an unproblematic gas to deal with, and there are, for example, a whole range of safety and environmental aspects that we must also consider. Therefore, excellent testing facilities are a prerequisite for success, and with Danish Gas Technology Centre and FORCE Technology’s experience in this area, it is natural that we take on this task", says Helle Gottschalk Nygaard, who is Head of Laboratory at Danish Gas Technology Centre and senior project manager for the establishment of the Test Centre for Hydrogen Technology.

“With the grant from the EUDP programme, we can already establish an advanced testing environment for the benefit of all actors who develop and market their technologies for a hydrogen market that will be of crucial importance for the transition to renewable energy in the EU countries”.

Testing, analysis, and development

The test centre shall carry out tests and analyses in the production, transport and consumption of hydrogen – e.g., material testing, hydrogen quality analysis, metrology, efficiency, emission and leakage tests. The centre will be able to provide services to all hydrogen technologies ranging from boilers and fuel cells to large sector-coupling plants and from kW to GW size.

"The main objective of the Centre is to support and facilitate the development of hydrogen technologies so that hydrogen can deliver its full potential in an integrated energy system. In addition, the centre will stimulate the development of new hydrogen and Power-to-X technologies and help them on the market. But it is not just about lifting individual products from individual companies to the market – it is about giving the whole area a general boost," says Nicole Ciacotich, Head of Department at FORCE Technology.

The new centre will therefore very much seek cooperation with other Danish actors and thereby support the Danish position of strength in green energy technology but will focus on European cooperation.

DKK 6.8 million from EUDP

The Test Centre for Hydrogen Technology come into existence with DKK 6.8 million in support from Green Labs DK under the Energy Technology Development and Demonstration Programme (EUDP).

The test centre supports Danish energy and climate policy and enables a future in which hydrogen plays the leading role. At the same time, the centre supports sector coupling – i.e., moving energy between e.g., electricity, heat, gas, industry and transport fuels.

The test centre will have stationary testing facilities at Force Technology’s facilities in Brøndby and at the Danish Gas Technology Center in Hørsholm, but in addition to the stationary testing facilities, there will also be mobile facilities that can be moved to wherever the need is.

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