The competences in hydrogen technology testing are spread out over a multitude of smaller actors. FORCE Technology and Danish Gas Technology Centre (DGC) will change this with a new partnership.

25 May 2021

A small supplier here. A small supplier there. Lack of standards. Limited cooperation. Lack of common direction.

The market for hydrogen technology testing is growing but is still characterised by a very fragmented supplier situation, and FORCE Technology and DGC aim to change this by setting up a new partnership. The partnership will bring together competences in the field, create a coherent offer for the market, ensure a single entry to test services and ultimately boost the transition to Power-to-X and the use of hydrogen.

“First of all, we would like to be a strong partner for Danish companies within Power-to-X and facilitate the technological transformation they face. But ultimately, of course, we would like to support safe, green and sustainable development and an efficient transformation of the energy sector. When it comes to climate, we don't have time to hesitate," says Trine Nybo Lomholt, Programme Manager at FORCE Technology.

“It offers clear advantages for Danish companies that we pool knowledge and competences on hydrogen technology in one place and thus are able to provide the most qualified technical advice and the best services in the field. The Power-to-X transition is a comprehensive exercise that has only just begun. If we are to succeed in creating the necessary green growth in Denmark, it is important that companies can easily find the knowledge, testing facility and advice they need when handling or using hydrogen", says Thea Larsen, CEO of DGC.

Cooperation and standards

In the first few years, the partnership will focus on three issues in particular:

  • To participate as one actor with its expertise in relevant projects, consortia and other partnerships in the field of hydrogen technology and Power-to-X.
  • To take on commercial assignments.
  • To take part in the standardisation work, where a whole range of tasks still need to be done.

Initially, the partnership is focussing on Danish producers, consumers, operators and authorities in the field of hydrogen production, infrastructure and use. However, in the longer term, the partnership plans to extend its catalogue of services and to scale to the international market.

Portfolio of hydrogen testing services

  • Material and component testing
    • Hydrogen compatibility and sensitivity testing
    • Hydrogen permeation testing
    • Fracture mechanical testing
    • Large-scale component testing
  • Measurement of emissions from consuming equipment and exhaust gases from energy consuming and chemical processes
  • Test of hydrogen quality
  • Efficiency and safety in energy systems 
  • Metrological services 
    • Certification and calibration of hydrogen flow meters
    • Certification of hydrogen filling stations
  • On-site inspection services - onshore and offshore 
  • Modeling and calculation 
    • Flow simulations in hydrogen
    • Strength and fracture mechanical modeling in a hydrogen atmosphere
    • Digital Twins
    • Gas diffusion through polymers and steel