FORCE Technology is a part of a new Danish research project with the aim of developing an automated solution to in-service inspection of wind turbine blades.

9 June 2021

Failing wind turbine blades are very costly for the wind turbine owner as they lead to production loss while repairing the blades.

With a 16.9 million DKK investment from The Innovation Fond Denmark, the aim of a new research project is to develop an automated solution for inspection of wind turbine blades without having to remove the blades. Identifying damages early on, will save the turbine owners costly production breaks.

The research project is a collaboration between FORCE Technology, Rope Robotics and DTU Wind Energy (DTU) and aims to conduct non-destructive testing (NDT) and analysis. The NDT solution will benefit from FORCE Technology’s expertise within automated ultrasonic inspection, and evaluation of data will center around artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML).

This is an extremely important project. Noticing damages and repairing the blades early on makes good sense in many ways – also increasing lifetime and reducing cost will make wind energy even more competitive on the energy market. Steen Arnfred, Project Manager / FORCE Technology

Want to know more?

Read about the research project at Innovation Fund Denmark.