For its numerous advantages, aluminium is a desired material for its ideal properties such as its low weight and ease of machining and welding as well as good corrosion resistance

Aluminium – Properties and use

Participants Technicians, designers, purchasers and production managers

This course is aimed at construction and production staff as well as purchasers and users of technical components and plants, including laboratory and quality assurance personnel.


The following topics will be dealt with: 

  • Aluminium: Manufacture and basic properties
  • Aluminium: Alloy types and norms
  • Metallurgy, improvement of strength and heat treatment
  • Mechanical degradation forms: Cracks, fractures and wear
  • Joining of aluminium, welding etc.
  • Inspection of joining
  • Processing of aluminium
  • Corrosion theory
  • Aluminium’s corrosion types
  • Environmental impact on corrosion in general and in chosen environments (atmosphere, freshwater and seawater as well as acids and bases)
  • Surface treatment of aluminium
  • Design of constructions of aluminium

Purpose of the course

The participants gain an understanding of all factors influencing the strength and resistance of aluminium and its alloys from choice of material to operating phase.

Closing date for registration

Not later than three weeks prior to course commencement.


If you are prevented from participating, you are always welcome to give your place to a colleague.

You can cancel or move your participation until six workdays before course start date. At cancellation later than six workdays before course start date, the whole course fee will be charged.


2 days

Course language

The course will be given in the following language: