Get the NDT course that is tailored to your company. Choose a flexible supplier of NDT courses, if your company has special needs and requirements. FORCE Technology customise course to your special needs.

Information about coronavirus in relation to courses, events, etc.

At FORCE Technology, we follow the authorities' recommendations and do everything possible to minimize the spread of Covid-19 (coronavirus). This means that we take a number of precautions in our daily lives, which also affect our courses, events, clubs and networks.

Planned courses, events etc. which cannot be held in accordance with the recommendations from the authorities, will, as far as possible, be conducted online. Where this is not an option, we will rebook for a later date. If you have already registered for a course or event, you will be notified by e-mail.

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Customised NDT courses for companies with special needs and requirements 

Customers have different needs and requirements; you do probably too, so it is important to choose a provider of NDT courses that can deliver a product that is tailored to your needs.

Are you in an industry dealing with special products or services, we can tailor our NDT courses to match the requirements that you may face, as a supplier, manufacturer or operator.

With a long experience of teaching in NDT, and instructors who have undergone training in Denmark and abroad, FORCE Technology offers NDT courses of a very high quality in the most NDT methods.

The advantage of NDT courses customised to your business

One of the advantages by customise the courses to your needs, is that you are defining the content so it provides the most value for your company and those who must have knowledge of the methods. We will assist in the process of optimising the content of the course to suit your needs.

When we tailor the courses, we can involve more of our departments and we have extensive experience with joining expertise and knowledge from FORCE Technology's many employees. So in addition to NDT the courses can for example comprise of welding, material science, corrosion, destructive testing and many other topics.

If your business is located far from our training site, it may be an advantage if we move our training to your facility. We are very flexible and we have previously held tailored NDT courses in the USA, Middle East, Far East and Europe.

Contact us to learn about your possibilities.