Get an overview of all the safety considerations in play when you work with power-to-X, whether directly or indirectly.

Power-to-X is a new, rapidly growing energy source, and more and more industries are getting involved in it. There are also many organisations directly or indirectly connected to power-to-X.

This course has been developed and is being presented in partnership with DBI, the Danish Institute of Fire and Security Technology. 


This course is designed for participants at all levels involved with power-to-X in some way. This includes the industry's upstream, midstream, and downstream companies, as well as all stakeholders, such as buyers, related government agencies, etc.

The course can also be customised to individual businesses and organisations, should more people from the same organisation wish to participate.


This course is a basic safety course. It addresses safety-related risks and measures to be taken to improve safety in all aspects of power-to-X work.

You will be introduced to the following topics:

Introduction to power-to-X

  • What is power-to-X?
  • Technologies
  • Development and implementation 

      Container-based electrolysis solutions

  • Hot surfaces
  • Electrical installations
  • Pressurised gases and liquids

-     Hydrogen and methanol in power-to-X

  • Power-to-methanol
  • Characteristics

-     Standards and directives

  • The SEVESO directive
  • PED


  • Regulations and legislation  
  • Personnel training 

-     Risk assessments

  • Risk assessment

-     First aid

  • For hydrogen
  • For methanol and ammonia  


You will gain knowledge and become prepared to deal with fundamental safety aspects involved in power-to-X facilities and projects. You will learn about the regulatory agencies involved, including the approvals necessary to establish a power-to-X facility. You will gain fundamental tools for preparing risk assessments. After completing the course, you will have broader knowledge of electrolysis technologies and their use in container systems.


1 day


Danish or English, as preferred by the customer


5.900,- DKK

Power-to-X courses

Skills and knowledge are key to safely and efficiently implementing and scaling power-to-X. Whether you are a system owner, subcontractor, transporter, or regulatory agency, we can provide you with the knowledge you need through courses tailored to your organisation on topics including materials; risks and safety; and rules, frameworks, and legislation.

We customise courses to meet your needs, often including such topics as materials; risks and safety; and frameworks, rules, and legislation.

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