Digital process for small- and medium-sized companies that strengthens the agility and competitiveness during and after a crisis, such as the COVID-19.

Why New Normal?

A comprehensive crisis, such as the COVID-19 situation, creates a lot of obstacles for companies: financially, security-, production- and export-wise. At the same time, a crisis also opens new doors for creative approaches and new opportunities. The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way markets and businesses operate, and has forced many companies to either go under or rethink their products, services or entire business models. 

Purpose of New Normal

The New Normal is a virtual, strategic process that is to help small- and medium-sized companies transform their organisations and prepare for new business during and after crisis situations. The process is based on research from Copenhagen Business School (CBS) and the alignment square model developed as part of that research. 

Who will benefit from the project? 

The primary target group for New Normal is small- and medium-sized businesses across industries in Denmark.


In the project, FORCE Technology collaborates with the Danish Technology Institute, and business researchers from CBS and AAU who will conduct research on the findings and results of the 70 cases.

In 2020 and 2021, FORCE Technology has been commissioned by Industriens Fond to conduct an innovation project helping 70 SME`s preparing for post-COVID-19 business.