Nordic IoT Centre helps Danish companies realise the value of IoT.

Promoting the usage and development of IoT in the Nordics

Nordic IoT Centre enables easy access to the IoT ecosystem in the Nordic region. By collaboration with the IoT developers and IoT adopters, the Centre strives to make the Nordics the best place in the world to use and develop IoT-enabled products and IoT-based services. 

Nordic IoT Centre promotes the usage and development of IoT in the Nordics – by joining and engaging the relevant actors of the IoT ecosystem, and by enforcing values such as user focus, functional design, quality assurance and accountability in the development of IoT-enabled products and IoT-based services.

Facilitating the IoT ecosystem

Nordic IoT Centre focuses on facilitating contact between IoT adopters and IoT developers and ensure that those looking to develop innovative IoT solutions can partner with the best suited developers for their solution. 

All public and private organisations that use or develop IoT solutions can apply for partnership with Nordic IoT Centre, if they are based in the Nordic region and can demonstrate relevant competences within IoT. 

Nordic IoT Centre also facilitates access to the Idemolab for partners.

Who will benefit from Nordic IoT Centre?

The Nordic IoT centre is all about sharing experiences between the actors in the Nordic IoT ecosystem. Currently, the partners collaboratively have more than 70 cases within IoT usage and development. Nordic IoT Centre focus on public and private organisations new to IoT and looking for partners in developing new IoT solutions. Find more information here.  


Nordic IoT Centre is founded and driven by FORCE Technology and the Alexandra Institute.