Utilise technology and digitalisation to enhance and streamline your business models.

The Business Design Club is a free network where you can exchange knowledge and experience regarding utilisation of technology and digitalisation to enhance and streamline business models. 

The Business Design Club is a part of Business Design Society, which runs a variety of local network hubs in different countries. The network hubs collaborate and share a variety of events but will also host a number of local events independently.

FORCE Technology runs the Danish ‘East hub’ and organises independent network meetings under this auspices and under the name Business Design Club.     

Purpose and target group  

The purpose is to mobilise regional business professionals, public servants and academic experts to build new or stronger value streams and business models.

The aim is to discuss and explore various tools and strategies for leveraging technology to improve efficiency, increase revenue and gain a competitive advantage in the market. 

The network is designed to be interactive and engaging, with the goal of providing attendees with actionable insights and takeaways to help them on their digital innovation journey.

Focus areas 

From IoT and automation to data analytics, we will delve into the ways technology can be integrated into a business to drive success.

We will look into digital and technology trends, societal or environmental challenges and opportunities for value creation.

We will also discuss business models built around technological development, production and opportunities to build servitisation strategies. 

How do the network meetings take place?

As a member you will become part of a community that meets 3 - 4 times a year for half day or full day network meetings.

The meetings are held either at FORCE Technology – or at members’ locations.

The members will take an active part in setting the agenda for network meetings and in requesting speakers for future meetings. This is to ensure that meeting agendas are rooted in the challenges that members currently face.

The Business Design Club communicates in English, but some network meetings might be held in Danish if all participants are Danish-speaking.

Meetings in 2023

The Business Design Club has scheduled 3 meetings in 2023: 

  • 3 May: Network kick off meeting
  • 19 September: Network meeting
  • 29 November: Network meeting

Join the Business Design Club

Joining the network is free.

If you would like to participate, join the network here: