As a member of the IoT & Wireless Club, you can join the IoT and wireless community in Denmark, contribute to the discussion and broaden your professional network.

Stay tuned on the development within wireless technology and Internet of Things 

The IoT & Wireless Club is a unique knowledge sharing group within IoT and wireless communication in Denmark. The club has more than 60 member companies and 300 attendees yearly – with a satisfaction rate of 8,4 out of 10 – we take pride in delivering the most up-to-date and supplier independent knowledge about IoT. 

Annually, we host 8 club meetings, revolving around topics such as:

  • Approval management
  • Radio design craftmanship
  • Wireless system design
  • Components and modules
  • IoT system architecture
  • Low power wireless & Energy harvesting  
  • Scalability and big data
  • Security and privacy

Why be a member of the IoT & Wireless Club?

For developing IoT and wireless solutions, you need a solid foundation of technical skills and understanding of the technology behind the systems. 

The IoT & Wireless Club focuses on sharing knowledge between the participants to heighten your skills within the development of innovative solutions based on the technologies.

When your company becomes a member of the IoT & Wireless Club, you are free to send two employees to each of the 8 yearly full day meetings for focused knowledge updates within the topic of the day. 

You also get access to our test-it-yourself facilities, that are worth more than 3 million DKK combined.  

IoT og Wireless klubben - 2019


We have more than 200 presentations from the previous years available for download in the member site found here.

    About the Iot & Wireless club 

    The IoT & Wireless Club is jointly operated by fiery souls within digital and sustainable innovation and electronic product compliance at FORCE Technology.

    Research and innovation

    The IoT & Wireless Club is all about innovation and collaboration across technical experts. Therefore, we also closely collaborate with the innovation networks

    • MADE
    • Digital lead
    • Fintech & insurtech
    • SenSec
    • Smart city cluster