A diverse network of industry-leading safety professionals.

Connect with your peers and share valuable experience and knowledge in a progressive environment of frontrunners in the Power-to-X industry.

The Power-to-X Safety Network has been established by FORCE Technology and DBI to accelerate the activities needed to make Power-to-X and Green Fuel safe and reliable. Sharing of knowledge, problems and solutions will play an important role in the green energy transition.

Bringing together a group of industry-leading safety professionals will create an important body of knowledge to help tackle the safety challenges the industry faces. At the same time, it can provide important input to legislators, create information guidelines and promote best practice solutions. 

The key focus of the network is to help the network members establish a broad and diverse network of safety professionals. Moreover, the network meetings will support the building of relationships with peers and colleagues in companies that constitute the community around Power-to-X.

Who is the network aimed at?

To the extent possible, the network will include members from small to large companies and from as many different aspects of the industry as possible - including, but not limited to:

  • Energy transformation 
  • Energy storage 
  • Energy distribution 
  • Energy application 
  • Consultants, suppliers and insurance companies engaged in the industry. 

As the network will tackle the safety of the Power-to-X industry as a general topic, the representatives of the industry that we encourage to join the network can have a broad range of titles and responsibilities. What is central is that the given candidate has the task of managing security in the company.

Focus areas of the network

Topics in the Power-to-X Safety Network could include: 

  • Regulatory approval processes
  • Process steps in safety analysis
  • Challenges to specific substances and related safety concerns
  • Reviews of granted approvals and documentation
  • Documentation requirements
  • Requirements, content and opportunities in safety training
  • Macro risks
  • Risk management in practice
  • Guidelines, standards and other guiding documents
  • Legislation.

How do the network meetings take place?

As a member you will become part of a community that meets 3-6 times a year. 

The meetings are held either at FORCE Technology or DBI – or at members’ locations. 

The members will take an active part in setting the agenda for network meetings and in requesting speakers for future meetings. This is to ensure that meeting agendas are rooted in the challenges that members currently face.

The Power-to-X Safety Network communicates in English, but some meetings might be held in Danish if all participants are Danish-speaking.

Meetings in 2024

The Power-to-X Safety Network has scheduled 4 meetings in 2024: 

  • 6 February 2024
  • 28 May 2024
  • 4 September 2024
  • 28 November 2024

Join the Power-to-X Network

A company membership gives the right to participate in the Power-to-X Safety Network's meetings with up to two optional participants per meeting. 

The annual company quota in DKK excl. VAT is: 

  • Membership: DKK 5,000 
  • Payment for participants in addition to two people amounts to DKK 1,250 per participant, per meeting 

Network meetings will be open for non-members at a fee of DKK 1,750 per person per meeting.

If you would like to participate, join the network here: