FORCE Technology and LORC are upgrading the climate chamber at the Odense Port so that large systems and equipment can be tested to -60oC. 

20 May 2021

Systems and equipment for mining, defense and offshore activities must be functional and reliable in extreme environments—from the high heat and humidity of the tropics to the arctic colds of Greenland. To meet the needs of the industry FORCE Technology and the Lindø Offshore Renewables Center (LORC) have upgraded their jointly owned climate chamber that it can now reach temperatures all the way down to -60oC.  

The climate chamber is the largest publicly available chamber in Europe and is on the way to being one of the most advanced with its extreme cold capabilities. Companies from a variety of industries can utilize the chamber for the development, testing, and validation of their equipment and systems. Within the chamber there is easily space to accommodate two 40 foot containers and testing equipment and all of this can have a weight up to 1000 tonnes.  

A large chamber that can handle these considerable weights and a temperature range from +60oC to -60oC will provide a decisive advantage for industry,” says Søren Gothil Hansen, Vice President in FORCE Technology.  

Up to now, we have been able to test as low as -35oC, which has limited several industries ability to utilize the chamber due to some required standardized tests that require lower temperatures. The upgrade of the chamber will provide unmatched testing capabilities and will be a game-changer for us and the industry,” says Søren Gothil Hansen.   

There are only a few other countries in Europe that have facilities, similar to the climate chamber at Odense Port, and no facilities in Denmark are of equal caliber.  

At FORCE it is our vision to be a technology pioneer, and to translate these words to reality we need to be in the lead with the foremost and most advanced facilities. Therefore, we are extremely excited to soon be able to offer our customers an even more extreme testing environment,” says Søren Gothil Hansen 

Final detailing of the design on the upgrade is almost finished with our suppliers, and the upgraded chamber will be ready for the first tests in the end of the year.