Bridging the gaps between new hardware technologies, design thinking and business development.

IdemoLab validates your idea and concept

Our customers save money in their early product development phase by employing us to use our tested methodologies to validate their technology based product with a business perspective. We help them to ensure it is the right product, using the right technology, for the right user.

We guide our customers in the areas of:

Design thinking: 

  • Real world testing of early prototypes
  • Co-design, co-creation and idea generation
  • In-context observation
  • Technology exploration
  • Design panel evaluation with stakeholders
  • Interviews and workshops
  • Cross domain exploration


  • Electronics, PCB design and low power electronics
  • Microprocessors and embedded systems
  • Sensors and Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Energy Harvesting
  • Feasibility study
  • Proof-of-concept
  • Prototype building
  • Regulatory assessment


  • State-of-the-art research
  • Market analysis
  • Market opportunity assessment
  • Business Model Design
  • Value proposition design
  • IP strategy

Our customers avoid moving in the wrong direction - and gain peace of mind by developing ideas through structured and meaningful processes  


SumaCare is a Danish developer of Welfare Technology, that had the X problem and wanted to do X. With a strong focus on X, we managed to do X, with X as result.

Through collaborating with IdemoLab, we could test our product with intended users and got insights that resulted in technically very simple adjustments of our product, but resulted in much higher user acceptances, which off course we are very happy about! Joern Hamdorf, CEO / SumaCare, Developer of Welfare Technology

East West Instore Solutions 

East West Instore Solutions is a Danish developer of retail solutions. The wanted to do X and contacted us for possible solutions. We helped them with solution X, that ensured X.

Read the case of the Solar powered price tags to replace batteries.

We didn’t know very much about energy harvesting and the potential of this technology before we started the project. It was something of a eye-opener to discover that, in premises with little or no sunlight, we could harvest energy capable of supplying power for the shelf labels. Michael Kastrupsen, CEO / East West Instore Solutions, Developer of retail solutions


ERNIT is a Danish company developing a digital "piggy bank" for children and their families. Ernit neede X during the prototyping process, which we delivered by doing X. The new solutions ensured ERNIT prizes for X and X and saved the company a substantial amount of financial investment.

The most valuable thing, was having IdemoLab helping us test our ideas in the field. Creating a physical prototype and a game as a platform for feedback from the children was genius and provided us with many insights from the user. The collaboration with IdemoLab saved us at least 1/2 million DKK in unnecessary application features. Mads Tagel, Co-founder / ERNIT, Developer of a digital "piggy bank"