At our Singapore simulator center, we offer port navigation studies and advanced maritime training to maritime, port and offshore industries in the Asia Pacific region.

Simulators for every need, from desktop to 360° field view

FORCE Technology's Singapore simulation center offers a wide selection of simulators ranging from desktop versions to full-mission 240° and 360° field of view bridges to be used for everything from port navigation studies to extensive ship manoeuvering training programmes. 

The simulation facilities include:

  • 240° full-mission simulator
  • 360° full mission tug simulator
  • 120° part-task simulator for ship and tug simulation
  • Tug/ship cubicle.
Full-mission simulator, 2400 view
240° full-mission simulator
Full-mission bridge simulator, 3600 view
360° full mission tug simulator

Coupling simulators ensures valuable input for manoeuvring strategies

We can couple several simulators for engineering studies and simulations involving multiple vessels and tugs. The combination of advanced simulation tools and the involvement of tug masters in a realistic environment ensures valuable input to the manoeuvring strategies for new ports or terminals.

Simulate any type of vessel in any environment

With more than 600 vessel models in our databases, combined with flexible software and hardware, we can simulate any type of vessel in any environment and integrate different types of manoeuvring controls, communication systems and instrumentation.

Accurate and realistic simulator-based training and engineering studies

The realism of the virtual environment – how a user conceives of and experiences it – is instrumental to the value of conducting simulations. This makes accurate modelling of the response and performance of the vessel during the various operational scenarios crucial. Correctly modelled physical phenomena such as bank effects, squat, shallow water and blockage are the backbone of any simulation, be it for training or engineering study purposes. The model or database which defines the topography and bathymetry is based on drawings, maps, and other appropriate data sources supplied by the client. The model further includes navigational marks, leading lights defining banks, spatially varying wind, waves and current.

Consultancy services you can trust

We provide consultancy and training services to the port, maritime shipping and offshore industries based on expertise in aerodynamic and hydrodynamic model testing, numerical fluid mechanics, and computer-based simulations.

Our consultancy services include the following:

  • Creating existing or new design concepts for 2D and 3D simulation environments
  • Port navigation simulation study
  • Port and vessel model testing and validation
  • Port operational limits and vessel manoeuvring risk analysis
  • Channel design/harbour approach navigation study and analysis
  • Marine traffic and formal safety assessment.

Training services

Our training services include:

  • Pilot training and familiarisation
  • Shipmaster and officer ship handling course for large vessel
  • Ship-to-Ship (STS) transfer manoeuvring and ship handling course
  • Bridge resource management and the human element
  • Marine accident and investigation
  • Shore and ship emergency response simulation training
  • Customise operation training.
Training service remote access

Maritime consultancy and training services

At the simulator facility in Singapore, we provide a single window solution for the maritime, port and offshore industries with a wide range of maritime consultancy and training services.

Various types of port development studies include navigation simulation studies for port and marine terminal operations, design development, marine traffic safety and risk assessment.

Specialised quality training covers maritime, logistics, port and offshore-related subjects, including ship-handling simulation training for harbour pilots, tug masters and ship officers.

Get remote access to simulators from anywhere

Remote training is a cost-effective and accessible way of gaining new skills and knowledge. Our Singapore simulator centre offers remote access to simulators for port studies and ship handling training.

The highly advanced Remote Simulators can be accessed and operated anywhere via a standard laptop computer.

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