Due to the increasing use of fossil fuels, the earth's CO2 cycle is out of balance. Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) is a technology that can be an important tool in the fight against global warming.

In short, CCS includes capturing CO2 from point sources, such as waste incineration plants and cement plants and transporting it to a long-term storage site, so it does not contribute to global warming. CCS can contribute to limiting global warming and achieving the Paris Agreement's goals. 

We want to avoid solving one environmental problem by introducing another

The most mature carbon capture technology is based on amine solvents. One challenge with amine-based carbon capture is that it potentially emits carcinogenic compounds like nitrosamines into the environment.

In this case, we want to ensure that the introduction of carbon capture does not introduce the emission of other harmful gases. To ensure that, proper knowledge is required about the emissions. This calls for detailed measurements during the phase of development and implementation. Our review study outlines which degradation products are formed from different solvents to form a basis for emission measurements at a carbon capture pilot plant

Review study describes emissions from amine-based carbon capture plants 

In a new review study, Christina and her team have described emissions from amine-based carbon capture plants applying various solvents. Besides the type of amine used, the study also investigates other factors like flue gas composition and particle concentration.

"We want to assist Danish companies and stakeholders within carbon capture with services that will contribute to documentation and reduction of emissions," Clean Air Technologies Project Engineer at FORCE Technology Christina Andersen says.

Get to know which degradation products can be formed

The review study is relevant to anyone working with carbon capture technologies or with interest in the environmental impact of CCS.

The Danish Ministry of Research and Education has supported the project with contract funds.