Meet fellow electronics experts, gain new competencies, solve work-related challenges and find inspiration through FORCE Technology's and SPM's networks.

Cross company boundaries to find tech solutions and inspiration

Specialists love discussing their areas of expertise, following developments in the field, and brainstorming with colleagues. Many specialists know each other but might not work directly with peers from competing companies. Professional networks are opportunities to bring up work-related challenges and receive inspiration from others in your field.

Professional meetings designed to meet participants' needs

Electronics experts meet to share their knowledge and experience in FORCE Technology's professional networks. Sessions occur several times a year, and we design and schedule them to cater to the participants' work-related challenges and needs.

Topics change throughout the year, also upon request. Meetings are often scheduled half a year or a year in advance and have an "around the table" session as a regular item on the agenda. Here, you can discuss your current challenges or listen or give input and suggestions. A facilitator from SPM or FORCE Technology is always available to help lead the discussion.

Find or bring inspiration

Some fields constantly buzz with news in the form of new standards, requirements and measurement methods. A monthly update can give you a good overview of anything you might have missed if you work in a company with no opportunities to follow the latest professional news.

If there is a particular measurement method or standard you are passionate about, we can arrange for you to present its most important aspects to your peers in our professional network setting.

Grow your professional competencies and products in an informal way

If you are new to your company or field, getting a feel for the different disciplines within your work and meeting peers who share or complement your expertise can be energising. Our professional network meetings always have some time for informal chats. An exciting presentation often leads to an active dialogue between experts in the same field, and magic has been known to happen.

We host workshops where you can present your suggestions on how a problem can be solved or visit a laboratory or some of our unique facilities to look at a specific challenge. Network members sometimes come in with prototypes and appreciate the input from the rest of the network members on how it can be further constructed, tested or improved.

Come and join us

About 900 experts are involved in the groups and clubs led by SPM and FORCE Technology. We would love to have even more, and you are welcome to join us. You can find links to individual clubs with contact and activity info and membership and participation terms in the list to the right.