Professional networks and clubs in the fields of EMC, IoT, wireless systems, aural perception, and product reliability give you a broad, secure professional grounding. Here, you can meet colleagues in your field and reinforce your continuing education — several times a year, even. Read on to see how it works.

Crossing company boundaries — not lines

Specialists love talking about their areas of expertise, following developments in the field, and brainstorming with colleagues. In Denmark, many specialists know each other, but it might not be possible for them to work directly with their "anti-colleagues" at competing companies. Professional network meetings can be opportunities to bring up work-related challenges and receive inspiration from others in the field regarding possible solutions.

Typical meeting format

In networks and clubs, experts in electronics meet to share their knowledge and experience. You can find a list of networks in the box in this article. Meetings take place several times a year, and their schedules are developed individually according to the participants' needs. Most of them have a fixed agenda, but topics change throughout the year. Often, meetings are scheduled half a year or one year in advance, and topic submissions for upcoming meetings are requested. Group meetings often have an "around the table" session as a regular item on the agenda. Here, you can discuss your current challenges, if you wish. Otherwise, you can simply listen or give input and suggestions regarding the challenges brought up by colleagues. A facilitator from SPM or FORCE Technology is always available to help lead the discussion.

What's new?

Some fields are constantly buzzing with news in the form of new standards, requirements, and measurement methods, for example. Depending on how much news there is, this is a topic that may be returned to quite frequently. If you work in a company where there are no opportunities to follow the latest news from day to day, a monthly update can give you a good overview of anything you might have missed. If there is a particular measurement method or standard you are passionate about, it can be arranged for you to present its most important aspects yourself.

New to the company — or informal continuing education

If you are new to your company or your field, it can be nice to get a feel for your own insight into the different disciplines within your work and to receive confirmation that you are on the right path. Gradually, you can find colleagues within your own speciality. You'll have an opportunity to sort things out in your head in a way that gives you that "aha" moment of understanding how it all fits together. This can also be considered experience.

Colleagues to meet

Meetings always have some time for chatting with colleagues during breaks or lunch. Often, an exciting presentation leads to active dialogue between colleagues in the same field. Sometimes, workshops are held where you can present your own suggestions as to how a problem can be most easily solved. We might also visit a laboratory to take a look at a specific challenge. You'll remember that colleague that came in with a prototype for a medical product or loudspeaker, where the whole circle gave their best input on its construction.

Come and join us

Altogether, there are about 900 experts involved in the groups and clubs led by SPM and FORCE Technology. We would love to have even more, so you are more than welcome to join us. In the list to the right, you can find links to individual clubs, including contact information, information about activities, and the terms of membership and participation.