Metallurgy is the key to comprehending the properties of the steel, a piece of knowledge which is necessary when purchasing, constructing, welding and heat treating etc.


Engineers and technicians employed with projection, construction, manufacturing, maintenance and inspection and purchase and sale of steel products.

The course is prepared for non-metallurgists who are not in need of specialist knowledge on a daily basis, but for whom a certain basic knowledge of materials is desirable.


To supply the participants with practical and wide application –oriented knowledge on the properties and their behaviour.

The participant will become acquainted with metallurgical wording through explanation of various metallurgical terms.


The course will provide you with metallurgical basic knowledge on manufacturing, steel alloy composition and heat treatment, types of steel and standards.

The following topics will be dealt with:

  • Steel production
  • Solidification/hardening
  • Micro structure and properties
  • Alloying elements and their influence on properties
  • Mechanical properties
  • Design, jointing and heat treatment
  • Classification and specification of steel types
  • Steel standards.

Registration deadline

No later than three weeks prior to course commencement.

Cancellation deadline Should you be prevented from participating in the course, you are welcome to hand over your ticket to a colleague.

You are free to cancel or move your course participation until 6 working days prior to course commencement. If you cancel later than 6 days prior to course commencement total pay for your course shall be charged.


2 days

Course Language

The course is held in the following languages:


Metallurgy is the key to understanding these characteristics that are necessary when e.g. purchasing, constructing, welding and heat treating steel.

Today, large amounts of steel are used within power supply, in the transportation sector and in the industry.

It is well known that these types of steel constitute a wide selection, each with their own specific properties.