We can provide you with the knowledge you need regarding materials for use in Power-to-X, whether you are a com-ponent developer, a project manager, or a member of the operation and maintenance team for a system.

Knowledge is critical when it comes to materials for use in Power-to-X processes, no matter whether you design and develop components, are managing the design and development of a system, or operate and maintain a Power-to-X system yourself. Power-to-X processes impose demanding temperature and pressure requirements on materials, and understanding them is crucial to component lifetimes and the system itself, to say nothing of the staff, nearby assets, and the surrounding environment.

Target group

Our courses are tailored to individual businesses and organisations, so we can customise them for groups ranging from operations and production staff to management and regulatory agencies. This goes for phases from development and system planning through to Power-to-X operations and use. We can also tailor courses adapted for business-internal audiences and for subcontractors.

We offer courses to organisations and groups including:

  • Operators
  • Developers
  • Suppliers
  • Subcontractors, including smiths, fitters, and electricians
  • Consultants
  • Contractors
  • Government and emergency response agencies
  • Educational institutions.


Our courses on materials for Power-to-X present an overview of issues and prerequisites for materials used in components and systems for Power-to-X production, transportation, and storage. They also confer an understanding of documentation requirements related to materials and components.

We can tailor courses designed to meet your particular needs, including such topics as:

  • Choosing materials for pressurised equipment.
  • Choosing materials and components for electrolysis systems.
  • Testing, including specialised testing.
  • Handling piping and system inspections.
  • Documentation and material requirements.


Depending on your chosen course composition, participants will receive a complete overview of considerations for materials that are crucial to designing and choosing components. The result is a solid understanding of materials, their durability, and the issues they pose in Power-to-X processes, as well as in contact with hydrogen, CO2, methanol, and other substances.


Participants will also learn about available options for component and material testing, and about the documentation required for components, parts, and systems

Power-to-X courses

Skills and knowledge are key to safely and efficiently implementing and scaling Power-to-X. Whether you are a system owner, subcontractor, transporter, or regulatory agency, we can provide you with the knowledge you need through courses tailored to your organisation on topics including materials; risks and safety; and rules, frameworks, and legislation.

We customise courses to meet your needs, often including such topics as materials; risks and safety; and frameworks, rules, and legislation.

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General information

We can present courses on-site or at one of our own locations, and in either Danish or English.

Contact us for more information on how we can tailor exactly the right course for you.