We can provide you with essential, fundamental knowledge of safety and risks in Power-to-X, whether you work in system operation and maintenance, inspection, safety, or emergency response.

Knowledge regarding safety and risks in operating electrolysis systems is crucial, no matter whether you work in system operation and maintenance, safety, working environment management, inspection, or emergency response. Beyond keeping employees safe and preventing accidents, systems that operate safely also operate more efficiently.

We ensure that your employees learn everything they need to know about safety and risks, and about legislation regarding electrolysis system operation.


Target group

Our courses are tailored to individual businesses and organisations, so we can customise them for groups ranging from operations and production staff to management and regulatory agencies. This goes for phases from development and planning through to Power-to-X operations and use. We can also put together courses adapted for business-internal audiences and for subcontractors.

We offer courses to organisations and groups including:

  • Engineers, machinists, and operating technicians responsible for the daily operation and maintenance of electrolysis systems
  • Inspectors, auditors, and government agencies that conduct safety inspections and surveys of electrolysis systems and pressure vessels
  • Safety managers
  • Working environment representatives
  • Government and emergency response agencies.


Our courses on safety and risks in Power-to-X review safety considerations associated with operating PEM and alkaline electrolysis systems. The course also grants participants an understanding of the regulations that apply to electrolysis system operations.

We can tailor courses designed to meet your particular needs, including such topics as:

  • Introduction to PEM and alkaline electrolysis systems, focusing on risk assessment
  • Review of properties of hydrogen and oxygen, and their handling in electrolysis operations
  • Handling of pressurised alkaline fluids
  • ATEX regulations on flammable gases
  • Regulations and orders applicable to pressurised systems
  • Hot surfaces and electrical installations
  • Protective equipment to be used when operating electrolysis systems
  • Pitfalls and focal points for servicing electrolysis systems.


Depending on your chosen course composition, participants will receive a complete overview of safety considerations to take into account when beginning electrolysis operations. They will learn about electrolysis technologies and their characteristics, as well as the basics of hydrogen and oxygen and why these gases should be handled with care.


Participants will also learn about risk assessments and how individuals can reduce risks to themselves and to others. Lastly, participants will become familiar with current regulations that apply to electrolysis system operations.

Power-to-X courses

Skills and knowledge are key to safely and efficiently implementing and scaling Power-to-X. Whether you are a system owner, subcontractor, transporter, or regulatory agency, we can provide you with the knowledge you need through courses tailored to your organisation on topics including materials; risks and safety; and rules, frameworks, and legislation.

We customise courses to meet your needs, often including such topics as materials; risks and safety; and frameworks, rules, and legislation.

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General information

We can present courses on-site or at one of our own locations, and in either Danish or English.

Contact us for more information on how we can tailor exactly the right course for you.