Knowledge of safety and risks in operating electrolysis systems can be critical to the well-being of employees and accident prevention. Not least with-in the power-to-X sphere.

 This course presents the most up-to-date basic, essential information concerning safety, risks, and regulations that apply to the operation of electrolysis systems.


This course is designed for:

Engineers, machinists, and operating technicians responsible for the daily operation and maintenance of electrolysis systems.

Safety officers, working environment representatives, and fire brigade members.

Inspectors, auditors, and government agencies that conduct safety inspections and surveys of electrolysis systems and pressure vessels.


This course presents an overview of safety-related aspects associated with PEM and alkaline electrolysis system operation. It is one of a series of power-to-X courses offered by FORCE Technology.

The course also grants participants an understanding of the regulations that apply to electrolysis system operations.

The points below offer a summary of the course's contents:

  1. Review of properties of hydrogen and oxygen, and their handling in electrolysis operations
  2. Handling of pressurised alkaline fluids
  3. ATEX regulations for work involving flammable gases
  4. Regulations and orders applicable to pressurised systems
  5. Hot surfaces and electrical installations
  6. Protective equipment to be used when operating electrolysis systems
  7. Pitfalls and focal points for servicing electrolysis systems.


You will develop a holistic view of safety considerations to take into account when an electrolysis system begins operation. You will learn about electrolysis technologies and their characteristics, as well as the basics of hydrogen and oxygen and why these gases should be handled with care.

You will learn about risk assessments and how individuals can reduce risks to themselves and to others. Lastly, you will become familiar with current regulations that apply to electrolysis system operations.


Withdrawing from the course

If you become unable to participate in the course, you are always welcome to have a colleague attend in your place.

You may withdraw from the course or re-register for a different session without penalty until six days before the start of the course. The full price will be charged to students who withdraw from the course less than six days before the start date.



1 day


Course language

Danish or English, according to your preference



Price excl. VAT (min. 8 participants)

6.600,- DKK

The price of the course includes course materials and refreshments served during the course.