A course for you, who want to master techniques for quality management audits at a high level, including as lead auditor for teams auditing with ISO 9001:2015 as audit criteria.

Lead Auditor in Quality Management is a 3-day course aimed at auditors, quality professionals, managers and people who work with audits of management systems, including supplier audits, and who want to get documentation of the qualifications they have achieved.

NOTE: You can also find this course in Danish

Course aims 

Knowledge of:

  • Auditing to the requirements of ISO 9001:2015
  • Lead auditor's roles and responsibilities
  • Lead auditor's follow-up activities after audit


Knowledge of and training in the audit process with focus on:

  • ISO 9001:2015 requirements
  • Audit techniques for auditing quality management systems
  • Lead auditor's roles and responsibilities
  • Assessment and reporting of audit results


The course concludes with a 2 hour written exam.
If the exam is passed, a diploma is issued, otherwise a course certificate is issued.  

The Lead Auditor Course is intensive and requires 100% participation, and 1 ½ hours of own follow-up and preparation must be expected between each course day.


Prerequisites for participation

  • Knowledge of and familiarity with quality management, quality management systems and the structure, content and requirements of ISO 9001:2015.
  • Completed FORCE Technology's Auditor Course (in Danish or English) within the last 24 months OR completed a FORCE Technology lead auditor course in another field within the last 5 years
  • If you have other relevant auditor competences, please contact us for an assessment of whether your auditor competences can give access to the course


You can see the program (subject to changes) for the course by clicking on "Sign up" and then "Documents". Registration is not necessary to view the program.

The Auditor Course alternates between theory and practical exercises with group work and cases.