New, quicker, and cheaper tools to test and validate models for large, complex systems.


Developing and validating large-scale mechanical structures and systems is a challenge that grows as these systems become larger and more complex. For this reason, new testing and validation methods capable of supporting developments in sustainable energy, the maritime sector, and infrastructure are in high demand.

In this project, we will develop and demonstrate a proof-of-concept for a new, quicker, and cheaper tool to test and validate models for large, complex systems.

For this project, we will focus on two areas:

  1. A hybrid of tests varying in size and complexity
  2. A hybrid of physical and virtual tests, integrating computer models with physical testing programmes.

We wish to achieve quicker and cheaper results by integrating modelling and simulation across various scales of size. These new testing methods will be useful for businesses at all points in the supply chain, since their products or systems will now be able to be evaluated efficiently at the component level.

Target groups

The project's primary target groups are businesses that develop and work with large-scale mechanical structures and systems, including the maritime sector and the utilities sector.