A tool for monitoring and transmitting structural data will ensure efficiency in the operation and maintenance of steel structures.


We will develop a decision-making support tool for operating and maintaining structures, built on in situ sensors and big data-based monitoring. The tool will monitor and transmit structural data, providing a snapshot of the current health of the structure in order to make operation and maintenance more efficient.

We are developing a measurement tool which, in addition to the more familiar point measurements, will also be able to monitor a larger area using a "patch" placed in the area, such as at a bend in a pipe. This grants far better insight into the components' actual statuses.

Loads can be measured; e.g., in the form of stress/strain or residual wall thickness, enabling us to monitor and evaluate hidden effects over time and to plan maintenance.

We will gather and evaluate data using a big data approach, and then transmit and present that data live on the recipient's own screen in the business, for use as a decision-making support tool.

Target group

The target groups for the project are:

The energy sector; e.g., power and heating plants, wind energy, offshore
Infrastructure; e.g., bridges, railways
Production infrastructure; e.g., petrochemical, medical/pharmaceutical industries