A new programme will support Danish small and medium-sized production companies in translating digital innovation into competitive advantage.

Accelerating digital innovation in Danish SMEs

The Digital Factory Acceleration programme (Den Digitale Fabrik) is designed to help Danish small and medium-sized production companies translate digital innovation into value. the aim is to ensure, that the integration of new digital technologies from the Industry 4.0 agenda results in a competitive advantage, whether related to cost reduction, quality improvement, higher outputs or shorter delivery times.

By participating in the programme, 18 small and medium-sized Danish companies will boost their digital innovation through a cooperation with FORCE Technology. The programme will not only help the companies to identify performance improvement potentials in their productions but will also help release them through the execution of one digital innovation project. This will lead companies both to an increase of performance and a higher digital maturity, enabling further digital innovation projects.

FORCE Technology will provide tools, competences and consultancy hours. Your company has to invest time and only a partial amount of the project cost, the rest will be covered by the Danish Industry Foundation.

To learn more about the eligibility of your company in the programme, please contact us or read below. The programme will run from September 2021 to the beginning of 2024.