The requirements for joining the 'Digital Factory Acceleration'

How to join the 'Digital Factory Acceleration' programme?

Who can join the 'Digital Factory Acceleration' programme?

Only 18 companies will get the advantage of a digital factory’s innovative programme, where your participation investment will get transformed into real value during and immediately after the process has been finalised.

To be eligible, your company must meet the following criteria:

  • Dimension
    Be a small or medium-sized company (10-250 employees).
  • Location
    Have one or several production lines located in Denmark.
  • Time contribution
    Invest approximately 150 man hours (approx. 50 hours for the initial mapping and analysis activities – Digital Factory Mapping - and approx. 100 hours for the execution of the digital innovation project – Digital Factory Realisation).
  • Partial cash contribution
    Invest a starting sum of 50.000 DKK (Digital Factory Mapping) and – if you will decide to execute one of the identified digital innovation projects due to a good business case - be prepared to invest an additional sum (flexible: dependent on the size of the project, to be defined with you) to cover part of the consultancy hours and the hardware/software to be implemented during the execution phase (Digital Factory Realisation). The remaining costs will be covered by the Danish Industry Foundation.

Companies that respond to these criteria will be admitted on a first-come-first-served basis. 

If you are eligible, do not hesitate to contact us.