Updates and outcomes from the Digital Factory Acceleration programme

Below, you can find links to cases, events, news, and other material that is relevant to the Digital Factory Acceleration project.

Dynamica Ropes completes Phase 1 of the program

Order and stock tracking: the key to boost Dynamica Ropes capacity.

Lecture at Aalborg University

Introducing Global Business Engineering and Production students to the approaches used in the Digital Factory Acceleration program

Valsemøllen counts on efficiency increase with 10-20%

Valsemøllen is developing and strengthening its competitive advantage for future market needs.

GreenTec joins the programme

GreenTec is counting on taking productivity to a higher level through digitalisation.

The lighthouse for digital innovation event

With Business Esbjerg, for pro-duction and innovation managers presenting knowledge, cases and learnings from the Digital Factory Acceleration programme.

RPA to free up manual capacity by 12% at LPM Production

RPA (Robot Process Automation) has potential to help LPM Production cutting 12% of its manual processing time.

Mikkelsen Electronics seeks 20% production efficiency increase

The programme will help find the best digitalisation solution for their production setting.

Heka Dental joins Digital Factory Acceleration Programme

During the Digital Factory Acceleration Programme, the existing data will be analysed and used to identify the optimisation areas.

Dynamica Ropes joins the programme

Read more about Dynamica Ropes and its expectations from the Digital Factory Acceleration Programme.