Brandt A/S boosts digital transformation efforts through DFA programme

By leveraging new technologies and optimising processes, Brandt A/S aims to overcome challenges, enhance customer loyalty and secure a prosperous future in the industry.

In a move to strengthen their organisation and ensure positive development, leading industrial coating company Brandt A/S has joined the Digital Factory Acceleration programme. This initiative, sponsored by the Danish Industry Foundation, is designed to support companies in their digital transformation journey. By participating in this programme, Brandt aims to optimise production processes, implement new technologies such as robotics and machine learning, explore innovative solutions to overcome current challenges and achieve their strategic goals.

New technologies lie ahead 

Brandt is one of the first companies in Northern Europe to offer powder coating for heat-sensitive materials. Compared to traditional wet painting, Brandt's coating technology ensures a more durable surface while reducing environmental impact. With years of experience in the field, the company offers qualified advice to customers regarding construction, adhesion, and surface treatment. Their expertise extends beyond providing surface treatments, as they also offer advisory services to customers who may not immediately proceed with a treatment. This commitment to customer support fosters greater loyalty and long-term sales.

Like any organisation, Brandt faces pain points and challenges. To counter some of the challenges and achieve its strategic goals, the company aims to incorporate new technologies, such as robotics and machine learning, into their operations. They also plan to enhance and expand their enterprise resource planning (ERP) system. Furthermore, Brandt is exploring the potential of implementing image recognition technology for assessing and ensuring the quality of painted surfaces. 

Comprehensive digitalisation underway 

The company has initiated various innovation efforts to address its challenges and achieve its goals. They are focusing on digitising and automating their operations, aiming to identify potential areas of improvement and develop a comprehensive plan for digitalisation and automation. Additionally, the company is assessing their knowledge resources concerning new competency areas and development opportunities.  

Optimising production processes through DFA 

Brandt aims to unlock significant business potential by joining the Digital Factory Acceleration programme. They anticipate optimising production processes, implementing robotics, and utilising new image recognition technology for automated quality assurance of individual surface treatments. The application of image recognition technology would benefit Brandt and also revolutionise the entire coating industry, reducing production time while elevating product quality. 

Through the Digital Factory Mapping and analysis phase, Brandt expects to gain a comprehensive understanding of their existing processes. They anticipate receiving a detailed action plan with concrete recommendations for identifying digital systems that can address their specific challenges and streamline their operations. This includes exploring opportunities in information gathering, order processing, and image scanning technologies.