Order and stock tracking: the key to boost Dynamica Ropes capacity

During the Digital Factory Mapping phase, the company identified the most significant opportunities concerning production optimisation and defined projects to capture the potential.

Dynamica Ropes has completed the Digital Factory Mapping - first phase of the Digital Factory Acceleration program, consisting of a systematic analysis of production operations from both a material and information flow perspective. Its purpose is the identification and quantification of production improvement opportunities and the proposal of a specific roadmap based on the analyzed data. 

The Digital Factory Mapping has revealed several future opportunities to increase the company's production capacity. These mostly concern the tracking of orders throughout the production flow and workflow communications between people across different processes.

Future Solutions for Capacity Increase at Dynamica Ropes

From a technical point of view, the key solutions that will be considered in the future to support capacity increase - and which will be built on the new ERP system - will be:

  • RPA (Robot Process Automation), which can further automate the sales/order management procedure by automatically translating order information between different IT systems.
  • Displays connected to the ERP system placed in the shop floor, providing operators with real-time access to the right order information.
  • Barcodes and barcode scanners are incorporated in production operations to efficiently track the order progress in the ERP as well as the raw materials consumption, automatically registering production times and waste and updating the stock level in the inventory management system, facilitating optimal production planning in a dedicated scheduling system.

Phase 2: From Mapping to Realization with ERP Integration

In continuation of the successful collaboration concerning this first “Digital Factory Mapping” phase, Dynamica Ropes is taking advantage of its findings to start the second phase of the Digital Factory Acceleration program - the “Digital Factory Realization” - in collaboration with FORCE Technology. 

In this specific case, this will start by mapping the ERP requirements the company has to identify the most optimal ERP system and to help the company deal with the ERP integrators to facilitate a successful ERP integration. 

At this point, this will be used as a foundation for the design and implementation of the solutions identified during the analysis – RPA, displays with order information for the operators and barcode/barcode scanners to enable automatic order and stock tracking.